GWF 2009

Day 1

I knew the day was going to be bad when fellow patron, Mark Mulock decided that walking to Tarana the 42km scenic route, was the best option for the GWF 2009 team.

Our original plan was the 34 km route - any way we all made it through the 1st day with little or no major injuries. This included the GWF pensioner - John Benaud, he made it all the way too.

Man of the match was Trent Baker. GWF are fortunate enough to have our own personal traveling podiatrist who has soothed all the aching feet. So thanks Trent.

Story of the day was our Podiatrist come 'pitcher' who tries to hit GWF Patron and our Resident Golf Pro (our Penrith Pro) with flyng fruit without call 4... Apparently their is a slim possibility of more flying fruit on Day 2 as well - but this has not yet been confirmed.

Special mention to Scoty from the Knickerboker Hotel, thanks for the hospitality to the Great Walk Foundation. Tomorrow walking from Tarana to Lithgow about 35 km hopefully without rain.

Day 2 - Tarana to Lithgow

After a big first day where we trecked 42kms, the second day was thought to be a little less hectic (we were wrong)

Starting off from Tarana we were joined by local men Craig Sloane and Rob Raams, who also thought we were in for a less hectic day (they were very wrong)

Raamsy suffered fourth degree skin chaffing and Sloaney started like Usain Bolt and finished like Cliffy Young....

But today was a sad day. Tomorrow we farewell two VERY important members of our crew, Jimmy Small and Davey Crossman.

As they leave so does our 'heartbeat'. They will be sorely missed.

Mark Mulock has a very bad skin burn (soft) and missed the Donnibrook.

The rest of the walkers excelled and are eagerly awaiting tomorrows voyage to Mt Victoria.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way.

Day 3 - Rain Rain RAIN

Today was the worst of the weather that we have encounted since the commencement of the Great Walk.

We were joined today by Scott Ellem,Trever Hitchen, Ian Hix, Mathew Freeburn, Cameron McInnes and Steve Archer.

We all found it difficult walking out of Hartley Vale up Victoria pass to Mt Victoria.

However we all feel that we have now broken the back of the hardest part of the walk.

If nothing else - todays walk has confirmed that Jonathon Green has no Calves!

We set of tomorrow to Wentworth Falls.

We are on schedule to finish at the Lapstone Hotel 4pm on Saturday see you all there.

Day 4

Day 5

We started the final leg in pouring rain at Wentworth Falls.

We were joined by a number of friends of the Walk and we were all in a jovial mood, although tired, as we trekked down the mountain.

Great surprise and joy was had as we passed the Pioneer Way Motor Inn at Faulconbridge where Dave Crossman and his friends had set up a Sausage Sizzle and more homemade soup on a very cold day.

Trekked into the Lapstone Hotel at about 4.00 p.m. as planned.

Thankyou to all those persons who were there to greet us and we celebrated long into the night. It was a great way to finish the Walk.