GWF 2010

Day 1 - Bathurst to Tarana Hotel

For the first day of the walk the (unlike the tail end of last year) the weather has been fantastic. All the walkers are in high spirits with no real injuries to mention.

Trent (now know as the Farrier) did a great job of padding and strapping our feet that has prevented even the smallest blister. Lets hope it stays that way. We are all looking forward to Day 2 which will see us finishing in Lithgow for the night.

Day 2 - Tarana to Lithgow

The boys set out from Tarana at around 9am and hit the hills. We felt a bit sore and tired despite the great sleep and dinner at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Bathurst. The padding and strapping produced a little more confidence and we hit the road with gusto!

Our goal was lunch at the dam at Lake Lyall as arranged with our fantastic support crew Wynne and Brett, however we chalked up such a great time that we arrived before schedule and the boys had to catch up with us further down the road. As it turned out this was a better arrangement as we dined at the crest of the largest hill I have ever seen. The hill went for almost 2km and just kept going, if not for Mark Mulock taking the lead and setting the pace we would have struggled.

After a quick lunch and some photos with Lisa from the Lithgow Murcury we had a bit of an easier stroll down the hill to Lithgow..

Day 3 - Lithgow to Mt Victoria

We left sunny Lithgow this morning with some extra motivation as day walkers Ian and Troy turned up to take on the third leg. The weather smiled on us as we took on the hills leaving Lithgow and endured the massive down hill run to Little Hartley. The pain was worth it when we saw the amazing view.

After a long stretch on country roads, we left the tar behind and hit the dirt. There was plenty of talk about how well we had done as we approached the 100km mark. We roped David Crossman in who left with a head start just before we reached Lawson's track. The huge incline silenced all of us as the heavy breathing and the odd groan accompanied a very good effort from all of the team. We took it on as a group and got to the top with a great sense of accomplishment.

We enjoyed a sandwich with our trusty road crew at York's lookout, then ended the day with a reasonably flat walk to the Imperial Hotel at Mt Victoria.

Man of the match today was David Crossman with his brave effort taking on that huge hill with his two new knees, well done Crossy, much respect.

Day 4 - Mt Victoria to Lawson

Today is day 4, the second last day, again the weather was fantastic with good conditions and rain starting at the close of the day.

Mark Murlock (Mules) had a small fall slightly injuring his ankle, but has assured us he will walk with us to Blaxland. Other than Mark's injury all the other walkers have arrived unscathed.

Man of the Match today must go to Jonathon Green, after being ask what part of his body was the sorest from the walk his comment was " His stomach muscles from laughing so hard when Mules fell over" It has also been reported that Greenie was laughing to much to even help Mark up. Nice one Jonathon.

Day 5 - Last Leg

With Dr Tony Bowden and Physiotherapist Cameron McInnes safely broken in with a few days walking between them, we set off from Lawson dreaming of home with our family and friends waiting to cheer us on. We were better than expected with Cameron's amazing work on our tired and sore muscles and the padding and strapping of our team Podiatrist Trent Baker.

The wide blue sky was bright with enthusiasm and anticipation. The end of this epic journey was near and just 30kms to go. We had a few very supportive walkers with us for the day and they lifted our spirits as the kilimeters rolled on. David Crossman took a head start, as he was determined to keep in front for the entire trip, but his generosity crept through as we arrived at the Pioneer Way Motel in Faulconbridge. Dave had arranged a BBQ lunch and beautiful warm soup. We all had too much and moved on through Springwood and down the highway towards our destination.

As we arrived at the Lapstone Hotel there were plenty of supporters to cheer us in and it was great to see our families and friends after a long week away.

Man of the match today was Rob Wearn, who set the pace most days and never complained once. He was a pleasure to walk with and always good for a story or ten while we marched away. Well done Rob!

We enjoyed a great night at the Lapstone hotel with a very large crowd turning up to celebrate and listen to the band 'Nuthin Fancy', thanks fellas!

Walkers Jonathon Green, Rob Wearn, Mark Mulock, David Crossman, Trent Baker, Tony Bowden, Cameron McInnes and Craig Sloane would like to thank all those people who assisted on the walk, especially our trusty road crew Brett Lockett and Wynne Rowe. Wynne our thoughts are with you mate.

We would also like to thank the team at the Lapstone Hotel for allowing us to enjoy a great night on saturday evening in celebration of this great event and Tim for providing such a great spread for us. To all those people who donated even the smallest amount of money to this cause and supported us, thank you all so much. We look onwards and upwards to next year. However you can still donate through any of the walkers or through the bank details listed on this site.