GWF 2014

Day 1

Last night was a huge success, the Great Walk Foundation hosted Mark Geyer, Royce Simmons and Doug Walters at the Kinkcerbocker hotel for a meet the locals night. The aim of the night was to raise the profile of the GWF in the Bathurst region, hand over a couple of donations to local charities and auction off two sports items signed by our sporting legends. The Auction raised over $4K which is brilliant. The recipients of donations, Sanfilippo Children's Foundation and the Australian Breats Feeding Association, were very happy with the support and all had a great evening.

This morning we embarked on the massive walk to Tarana. Spirits were high as we took on the foggy road through rolling meadows and cattle stacked fields. The country road just keeps on going out here, you think the next bend ends and it doesn't, the hills keep going up and the down hills are just as long. I think the first day is a shock to the system, legs and feet suffer and if it wasn't for the boys keeping each other entertained it would be a much tougher day.

There are always plenty of laughs along the way, Greeny has a great story that will be shared on the Triple M Grill Team show tomorrow morning. There are many more funny stories that I'm sure the boys will share when you meet up with us along the way.

Mark MG Geyer has been great this year. He has motivated us and kept the spirits high on those long sections. His stories have been a great source of entertainment for all. The rest of the team continue to hold their end up, supporting each other and keeping each other smiling as always.

Please check out the gallery and for those of you on Twitter and Facebook, please keep supporting us and spread the word about what we are trying to achieve. Simply, we are walking a very long way in an attempt to raise funds that will go to those amongst us, in our own community that are less fortunate than ourselves. We will be back on the road tomorrow morning heading from Tarana to Lithgow, where we will continue to spread the word.

MAN OF THE MATCH - today goes to Rob Wearn. With plenty on his mind he is still here with us doing his part. Mate, we love you and all our love to the family.


Day 2

Hi there to all our supporters. A special thanks to all of our families who allow us the time away from our lives to attend this huge week on the road. We would also like to thank our sponsors Mulgoa Quaries, Penrith Waste Services, Glenmore Park Plumbing, Rebel and Skins for getting us through the week so far. We appreciate your support. The Grill Team and Mark Geyer have obviously had a massive impact on this years event, we are enternally thakful for your help and envolvment.

Today saw us head from Tarana to Lithgow via Lake Lyell. The track is all sealed road however the undulating terrain is soul destroying. These boys dominated on the road and carved this up. Crossy and Rob Wearn lead from the front and set the pace, followed by Tony Bowden, Graham O'Kell and Dianne Azzopardi. These guys were walking early in the cold and endured tough elements.

There were some very funny moments throughout the day back with the main group. Greeny, Mules, Nelso, MG, Cam and Trent kept each other very entertained with classic walk antics and plenty of stories. Some road kill along the way provided some funny photos. Those of you who are on Twitter would have enjoyed these pics through the day.

Man of the match today was nominated by Crossy who is one of the originals. He reckons Trent Baker (podiatrist) and Cam Mc'Innes (physio) took him from a nine out of ten pain scale last night to a one out of ten today during the walk. It's great to have a few of the walkers with some medical skills to help get the team through. For me, man of the match is Mark Mulock, who every year dominates the massive 3km hill coming out of Lake Lyell and inspires everyone to complete the climb as quickly as they can. Well played Mark!

All in all the day was amazing. The conditions were great with sunny skies and a cool breeze. The walkers kept each other happy and motivated which is half the challenge. Thanks again to our sponsors and families for their constant support this week and also throughout the year. See you all tomorrow night for another upate and through the day on Twitter.

Day 3

Last night we presented a check for $5000.00 to Lithgow Children's Early Intervention Program. The recipients were so blown away, there were tears. We were told this means their waiting list would be reduced down to nil and they would be able to help all the needy families on their books. This is why we do this...

Today saw us head from Lithgow to Blackheath. The morning was glorious, we have truly been blessed with the weather. We had some day walkers join us today, Diane Azzopardi, Jeannine Ashbee, Steve Wright and Gary Ward. Thanks guys, this is true support and the additional funds raised from your involvment is great!

We had a few laughs last night and as a result Crossy lost his voice which was not altogether a bad thing... hahaha, sorry mate.

After strapping everyone this morning it was obvious that most are handling things pretty well, only the odd blister. However Mark Geyer was the exception to the rule. It didn't matter what we did with padding or strapping, the big fella has some terrible blisters on his toes. I had to lance his blisters, apply Betadine and pad them up. He was in a fair bit of discomfort even to let me touch them. He took it like a trooper and got on with the job all day, leading from the front all day and one of the first up the massive climb out of Lawson's Long Alley bush track.

MG is man of the match today.

We reached the end of the day at Blackheath and are settling in at The Gardners Inn for a quick rub down by our Physio and Walker Cam McInnes and of course a few cool beverages.

Once again thanks to all of our sponsors, families and the day walkers who lifted us today. Please keep up with us on Twitter and check out the photos on the gallery page.

Day 4

Day 5

The last day of our walk from Bathurst to Blaxland went without any big dramas. With the exception of our team Podiatrist Trent Baker taking a massive spill while trying to hurdle a road barrier! The boys up the road said they could hear him hit the ground from 100m away!! He had a moment of self assessment before jumping to his feet and continuing on.

MG lead the way most of this last day. There was a stop at Crossy's Pioneer Way Motel at Faulconbridge for some hot soup and a rest, thanks Crossy and Julie. Then continued on through Springwood and down the hill.

We rolled into The Lapstone Hotel at Blaxland around around 3.30pm to a crowd of cheering family, friends and supporters. After a quick shower and a change of clothes we were back into it at The Lappo to celebrate. The place was absolutely packed with people. The musical sounds of Noth'n Fancy in the background kept the place pumping. We shared our celebration with a great friend of the walk Simon Corbett who turned 50. Many laughs were had throughout the presentation as we thanked all our sponsors and supporters and most of all our families.

A huge thanks to our major sponsors Mulgoa Quarries, Penrith Waste Services, Glenmore Park Plumbing, Nepean Podiatry and Equip Trade. Also a big thanks to triple M and The Grill Team who assisted MG in crossing live from the road throughout the walk and Tweeting everything I popped up on Twitter which was a great help with exposure.

Most of all Big Mark MG Geyer. You are a legend mate both on and off the field. This was the best walk yet and I'm sure will produce a great result as we see donations still rolling in. You lead the way and for that we are so greatful.

I think everyone should also be aware of how much work Jonathon Green puts into the walk. Greeny arranges almost everything from start to finish and has a way of getting the best out of people, which is a rare gift. Thanks mate, you are a true champion and the walk wouldn't exist without you.

Please keep up to date throughout the year with events and updates here and on Twitter and Facebook. See you all soon.