GWF 2015

Day 1

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Day 2

Leaving Tarana a little later than expected,we were behind schedule to meet Simon Corbett and Greg (Brandy Alexander who were joining us along the track somewhere. They were coming from the Lithgow end of the walk and driving out to find us, so when they did we were only a few kms into the day. Simon wasn;t happy with the pace but the sucked it up and we had many great laughs along the way.

As we came into Lake Lyell they road crew had set up a BBQ for us to get some energy back into the legs before taking on the climb out. For those of you who don't know, the climb out of Lake Lyell is about 3kms of high grade hill. It is a killer. As usual Mark Mulock set the pace and Graham O'Kell caught up and stretched the legs for a run up the hill getting to the top first, massive effort from both men. Once we regathered at the top, we marched into Lithgow and were welcomed at the hospital by a cheering crowd.

We presented a cheque to the staff for assistance in their children's ward. The money will go towards dental equipment that is in great need for peadiatric dentistry within the children's unit. Brandy was a big hit with the staff and posed for many photos.

Sharon at the Parkside Motor Inn welcomed us again this year with plenty of great food and refreshments. We headed to the Donnybrook Hotel for the traditional few drinks and it turned out to be a successful outing as we mixed with the locals and raised some funds.

The disappointing state of origin result didn't dampen our spirits as we celebrated another great day on the walk. Brandy and Simon enjoyed their time with us and we thoroughly enjoyed them being on tour. Brandy is keen to join us again next year.

Tomorrow we take on Lawson's long alley up through the back of the great divide. It's a tough walk and brings some deep breaths and red faces to the fittest men. Looking forward to our sports mans night at The Gardiners Inn at Blackheath where Doug Walters and Royce Simmons will join us for some great stories I'm sure.

Cheers and thanks for the support.

Day 3

Today we left Lithgow in unfamiliar conditions. The sun was shining and the wind was down, the conditions looked great. Thanks to Sharon at The Park Side Motor Inn for looking after us again and providing such a great spread for dinner.

As we marched out of Lithgow through the back roads to Hartley, the massive down hill into the Hartley Valley slowed everyone up. The legs for some reason deal with large descents worse than a climb, and by this stage in the walk everyone's feet are feeling pretty poor. Luckily we had guest walkers Brad Waugh, Graham Jennings, Di Azzopardi and Jeannine Ashby to lift our spirits. Although a couple of our guests didn't cope well with the climb up Lawson's long alley.

Tonight we are joined by Doug Walters and Royce Simmons for a sportsmans night at the Garnders Inn at Blackheath. It should be a great night with plenty of friends coming up to join in the celebrations and fund raising.

Tomorrow we walk from Blackheath to Hazelbrook.

Signing off for the day. See you all tomorrow.

Day 4

Well... Last night was fairly large. We raised BOUT $4K in funds at our sportsmans night. A big thank you to Doug Walters and Royce Simmons for sharing some timeless stories of their careers. What a great night. Thanks to Blackheath Rugby League Football Club for supporting the walk and helping raise the funds.

All the friends that came all the way top Blackheath to support us were much appreciated. A true cracker of a night.

Today we took on the Blackheath to Hazelbrook leg. Although the big hills are behind us, as this stage of the walk it's the pain barrier that is our biggest hurdle. However the walkers all sucked it up, took on the track and endured the elements with rain through Katoomba. Once we reached Katoomba Hospital it was our pleasure to present them with a cheque for $10K. We were greeted with balloons, streamers and a cheering crowd of nurses and doctors. Royce Simmons who walked with us today presented the cheque and was rewarded with many smiling faces.

Tonight we will be joined by a few of our lovely wives for dinner and a catch up. They must surely miss us by now...

We are all looking forward to the last leg tomorrow and our celebration at The Lappo from about 6pm onward. Hope to see you all there.

Day 5

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