Great Walk Foundation - 11th Year
Diaries Diaries 2015 Day 3 - 2015

Day 3 - 2015

Today we left Lithgow in unfamiliar conditions. The sun was shining and the wind was down, the conditions looked great. Thanks to Sharon at The Park Side Motor Inn for looking after us again and providing such a great spread for dinner.

As we marched out of Lithgow through the back roads to Hartley, the massive down hill into the Hartley Valley slowed everyone up. The legs for some reason deal with large descents worse than a climb, and by this stage in the walk everyone's feet are feeling pretty poor. Luckily we had guest walkers Brad Waugh, Graham Jennings, Di Azzopardi and Jeannine Ashby to lift our spirits. Although a couple of our guests didn't cope well with the climb up Lawson's long alley.

Tonight we are joined by Doug Walters and Royce Simmons for a sportsmans night at the Garnders Inn at Blackheath. It should be a great night with plenty of friends coming up to join in the celebrations and fund raising.

Tomorrow we walk from Blackheath to Hazelbrook.

Signing off for the day. See you all tomorrow.