Great Walk Foundation - 11th Year
Patrons Mark Mulock

Partner at Burston Cole & Mulock Solicitors, Penrith

As a partner in a firm of Solicitors, Burston Cole and Mulock, Penrith. I have had the opportunity of observing many people in our community who have not had the advantages or good fortune as I have received.The charities we have chosen to be the recipients of the funds raised during the course of "The Great Walk" do an enormous amount of good work, primarily from volunteers who struggle to raise funds to provide their services to the disadvantaged. These charities are outside the main stream government and financial support but their contributions to our community can never be understated. We urge you to consider contributing or joining us in raising funds during the course of "The Great Walk".

The "Great Walk" is an opportunity for me to give back to the community and most importantly to those disabled and less advantaged that we live with.

Mark Mulock