Great Walk Foundation - 11th Year
Diaries Diaries 2009 Walker Awards 2009

1.    The “Winner” Award Big MG.

Lead from barrier to box as the pre-race favourite should.  Proved last year’s form was all wrong.  Showed how important a good farrier is during the course of the Great Walk.

2.    The “Runner-Up” Award - Trent “The Farrier” Baker.  

Strapped the boys feet each day and massaged tired limbs of an evening.  Even managed to walk four of the five days himself.  Champion effort.  Will be first man picked next year.

3.    The “Anzacs” Award - Rob Wearn and Dave Crossman.

Wearny and Crossy performed beyond the call of duty.  Regularly volunteered for dawn patrol.

4.    The “Kokoda” Award - Ian Hix.

Hixy joined the Walk at a vital stage, trudging up a significant hill.  Declared at the bar that evening:-   “It was  just like the Kokoda Trail, except there were no fuzzy wuzzys.”   Is a must to get a Guernsey next year.

5.    The “2 (Big) Heads are Better than 1” Award - Jonathon Green, Trevor Hitchen.

Waitress at the restaurant at Lithgow was directed to provide a meal to “The bloke with the big head”.   Greeny and Trevor were sitting next to each other.  She looked confused for five minutes, glancing back and forward at each of them before delivering the meal to Trevor.   The result was a very cold meal. 

6. The “Wrong Way Wronsor” Award – Rob Raams and Craig Sloane.

Relied on mates to take the right turn.   Silly move lads!   Walked 250 metres  up a hill before they realized their stupidity.

7. The “Maturity” Award –  Mark Mulock

The Mule, according to some, aged six years overnight.   He’s aware of the culprit who planted the story.   Be afraid Greeny, be very afraid!!!

8. The “Tour Thief” Award – (Episode 1) - Rob Raams  

For years we have all pondered what happened to Greeny’s calves.  One look at Raamsy’s calves and there’s no doubt who the chief suspect is!

9. The “Tour Thief”  Award – (Episode 2) - Rob Raams  

Raamsy set off the Hotel alarm in the front bar of the Imperial Hotel at Mt. Victoria in the wee hours of the morning.   Next year just simply ask for a beer Raamsy rather than stage a break and enter!!!

10. The “Ansell Rib Tickler” Award – Jonathon Green

Everyone knows that Greeny is a prick.  It’s little wonder that the poncho with the hood that he wore during the Walk fitted him like a glove.

11. The “Where the "BEEP.."  Are We” Award – Alan Stoneham and John Mullane

The boys set off from Mt. Victoria on a very bleak Friday.  Last seen disappearing into the fog near Medlow Bath.  Apparently dialed 000 for assistance.   Bad move men!

12. The  “Nips are Getting Bigger” Award – Steve Archer

Started like a gazelle mid way through Day 3 and kept pace with MG to the finish line.  His thirst that evening appeared to be on par with his speed.  

13. The  “Best Prepared for Inclement Weather” Award:-

(i)    The Winner   -         Mark “Dougie” Jones  -  “What’s a Poncho?”

(ii)    Runner-Up    -        Paul Mulock - “Wearny, do you think my T - Shirt is waterproof?”

14.  The  “Pain is my Friend” Award - Steve Jones

Jonesy refused to give in on Day 4, completing the leg in extremely adverse conditions.  He knocked back many attempts by Walk officials to stop.  The Goulburn Ram drove himself home.  Pulled up in garage and had to ring family to assist him from the car into the house!

15.  The  “Family Support” Award - The Jones Family

On the scene in a flash to assist the Old Man.  Only surprise was that he  was sober!

16. The  “Back me Next Time” Award - Matty Freeburn

Big Matty took the ball up on Day Three only knocking up in the last furlong.  His effort was extremely pleasing as he carried top weight and it was his first run from a long spell.   Could be a dark horse for the Walk next year.

17. The  “Midnight Express” Award - Scotty Ellem

Former First Grader, Scotty was heard to remark after 5 kms on Day Three:-  
“The bottom of my feet feel like that bloke in Midnight Express after they hit his feet with the baseball bat.”   Rumour went around that the baseball bat had had a warm up on Scotty’s head!

Co-Worker, Rex Right, commented:-    “There’s nothing wrong with his feet, he’s just got a pea heart.” -  Jury’s out!

18. The  “Birthday” Award - Brett Lockett

Brett turned 67 during the Tour.   Last heard in the wee hours deep in conversation with the Welsh Git:-   “It’s my birthday and I can drink if I want to!”   Happy Birthday Champ!

19. The  “English Elocution” Award - Wynn Rowe

The Welsh guy is the unanimous winner for the second year in a row.  Mate, there are more words in the English language than  “Up Road, round bend.”

20. The  “Leyland Brothers” Award - Dave Crossman

Cooked up homemade soup and an open fire by the road at minus 2º just outside of Lithgow.   Legend!!!

21.    The  “Mystery Injury” Award - Jonathon Green

 “I think I pulled a calf muscle”.   The impossible dream!!!

22.    The  “Carpetbagger” Award  -  Jimmy Small

Explained to the boys the importance of holding your head at all times 3 inches higher.   A lesson well learnt by all!

23. The  “I did it my Way” Award  -  Rob Wearn

Breached tour rules by allowing his wife on Tour.   His defence:-

“She was only in my room for two minutes.”      Marathon Man!!!